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Regenerate your liver

Group-guided 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse

The 3-6-9 Liver Rescue Cleanse is a 9-day diet plan focused on helping to restore and gently cleanse toxins from your liver. The diet plan focuses on the most effective healing foods for the liver, while at the same time omitting all foods and drinks that stress her and prevent her from her detox work.

It is not a fasting, you don’t have to starve.

And yet it is the most effective and gentle healing cure you can do especially for your liver, because it relieves and nourishes it to its optimum at the same time.

Possibly your liver gets for the first time your attention and the loving support she has been waiting for all your life.

The cleanse is the answer to every chronic health condition and if you want to start laying the foundation for your rejuvenation and longevity. Once you have learned how to do the liver cleanse, you can repeat it as often as you like to continue the regeneration and detox of the liver. I love it, it always feels like being reborn afterwards.

It was created by Anthony William, who is one of the leading authorities in natural therapies and nutrition.
He is both a medical intuitive and the author of several influential books, including one called “liver rescue”.
He channels all of his health information since the age of 4.
His information especially helps individuals who are struggling with autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses to heal themselves.
My invitation: Take part in my group-guided 3-6-9 liver cleanse. Thus, you will stay motivated to stay with it to the end. And you can benefit from my experiences with doing the cleanse myself and with supporting my clients.

The offer of the group-supported 3-6-9 liver cleanse includes:

Starting July 29th

Don’t hesitate to contact me, if the price is an issue for you.
We will find a solution that suits you.

About Me

Dr. Esther Klevenz

Hi my name is Esther Klevenz.

Welcome to the Detox Your Life Festival.

I was inspired to become a facilitator in the field of detoxification and nutrition by my own positive experience with cleaning my body through a nutrition relying on plant food, a lot raw food.  And I was confirmed in this by medical medium Anthony William. He helped millions of people worldwide to heal their chronic illnesses by focusing on getting the troublemakers out of the body with food-based detox practices.
I consider detoxifying your body, mind and spirit nowadays as a must, if you want to stay or become really healthy and lead you best thriving life, for which you came here. 

Our conditions for human life on this planet were never as toxic as they are now. Moreover we accumulated the toxins of our family blood line from centurys. We need to get rid of all those toxins, for which our bodies were never made for.

Our soul wants to have a clean temple.

Otherwise it will compromise your whole being.

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