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Regenerate your liver

The key to health, rejuvenation and longevity

"The liver is at the same time like a warrior
and like a mother for your body."

Do you know that our liver plays a huge, mostly underestimated role for our health and rejuvenation? If you have any chronic health condition, you know your liver is overburdened. Good to know how to regenerate her.

The liver is at the same time like a warrior and like a mother for your body. She always wants to protect you. She is incredible wise and holds the intelligence from thousands of years ago, alongside with toxic loads from your family line you are born with.

She is the most important detox organ and has with this an incredible huge job under the conditions we and our ancestors lived in.

Liver cleanses/flushes are popular, but can be rather harmful than helpful for the liver, if it is pushing her hard. As an intelligent being she knows how to perform its over 2000 functions perfectly. All she needs is loving support and your awareness for how to do this right.

I share with you how to support your liver exactly the way she likes, deserves, and needs to keep you alive, safe and well. And when this job is done, she is your fountain of youth again.

I invite you to participate in a guided
9-day liver cleanse in a group.

About Me

Dr. Esther Klevenz

As a holistic health coach with background in science I empower people to take their health into their own hands by encouraging self-healing powers of the body.
Rejuvenation and longevity naturally follow.

My special emphasis lies on raising awareness for the true needs of the body and especially the liver in our modern time. I help establishing new routines of a natural healing nutrition and detox practice, that always considers the individual precondition.

The basis for this is the concept of healing nutrition and cleanses by Anthony William. I also put special emphasis on compatible and beneficial food combinations, supplements and digestion types according to human design.

An additional focus of me is the restoration of the immune system to its full potential by providing it with the key molecule, nowadays lacking in most of our bodies.

This supports along with a clean body understanding the natural wisdom of the body intelligence, that will finally lead us to intuitively making the right choices to heal and unleash the full potential of our healthy body.

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